Friday, May 20, 2011

Tiger Moms vs. Barbie

Once I learned how to see the stats on this blog, I became addicted to following how many folks are reading, from where, and with what frequency.  So here’s the latest:

Hits           Post
365            Are Chinese Mothers Superior 
176            Finally read the book
162            Big Kathy/Little Kathy

Tiger Moms win, but Barbie is slowly but surely making progress! 

In fact, when I just googled “Barbie Princess Cakes” my blog post was the last entry on the 1st page. 

Hmmm.  I suspect those who read the Tiger Mom articles might be very different from those who read about Barbie with her head wrapped in Saran.

Today I’m not making a Barbie princess cake for Ling’s birthday party even though my post on those cakes raised a lot of nostalgia in the family.  Her friends demanded another cupcake decorating contest.  So chocolate and coconut cupcakes are on tap, along with virgin pina coladas, pizza and Caesar salad.  Plus yeasted waffles with fruit and whipped cream for breakfast.

Time to cook!

1 comment:

Ling said...

not that they actually enjoyed the cupcakes. next year, we're going back to cold fudge sundae cakes.