Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A Conversation Last Week

She:  Would I still have to go to youth group tonight if there was a family death?

Me:  Probably not. . .  (I think about it a little more).  Well maybe you'd still go because what else would you to do tonight other than be sad?

She:  I'd have things to do!

Me:  Like what?

She:  Like plan my funeral outfit!

Perhaps I need to buy this book. . .
Me:  (After some shocked silence and open-mouthed gaping)  You do remember that vanity's a sin, don't you?

She:  (In a non-commital voice)  Yeah. . .  But it's not as bad a sin as LAZINESS!!!  (with a glare at a sibling)

A few minutes later. . .

She:  Sigh. . .  I love family funerals--it's so good to see everyone. . .

There are so many problems/issues/theological heresies going on here that I can't even write anything else about it.

All I can say is  "Lord have mercy. . ."

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