Monday, January 09, 2012

Just Dance!

For our first Christmas, I bought Scott a quilt and 2 quilt shams.  He opened them and said something like, "Gee, it's nice you bought yourself a present!"

Have I said before that I don't have the love language of gift-giving?  

I certainly wasn't sure he'd like the quilt, but I didn't think he'd so totally reject it.  After all, it was for our marital bed and I thought guys were really into the significance of that bed. . .

Ever since, our family regularly refers to "quilt" presents.

So on Christmas, after opening various kitchen utensil gifts from my kids, imagine my surprise when I opened the Wii game Just Dance 3.

"Oh!  A quilt present!" I even said out loud.

I felt a stab of guilt--kids have asked for Just Dance for over a year now, maybe two.  But I'm so not into video games that I've literally forgotten to buy it when I've had the chance.

Here's what's great about Just Dance:

  1. It's fun
  2. It's a good workout--almost as good as Zumba.
  3. They've taken all the swear words out of the songs so they're PG
  4. There's even an Indian dance, an African dance, a Latin dance and a complete un-PC cringe-worthy Native dance.
  5. I crush my kids almost every single song.  I think Kai's managed too beat me on one measly song.  
Because my New Year's resolutions include moving my body every day, I've wiggled my way through 4 sessions thus far.

Not so bad for a "quilt" present.

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The Hildenbrand Family said...

Yes! I got this for Xmas too, and it's pretty fun. I may even eventually get fit (the reason for asking for it). And the kids like doing it too -- win win win!