Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Fun Side of Jeremy Lin

Even I, almost the least sports-inclined person in the world, am swept up by the excitement around Jeremy Lin.  Amazing what an Asian-American guy who's excelling at NBA basketball can do for one's ethnic identity, not to mention my son's.  Add that Jeremy was part of the Harvard-Radcliffe Christian Fellowship (that InterVarsity supports), publicly (and seriously) talks about his trust in God, and continues to exhibit surprising humility even in the midst of a media frenzy, and I almost feel like his proud Mama.

Yesterday, after taking our formerly vomiting child to an emergency pediatric gastroenterology app't.  (The tomato soup?  Turns out there was nothing red consumed the previous day and so the redness was blood!  But all's well, thank God), and finding out the gigantic mole taken off another child's tummy was benign (again, thank God), I needed to decompress.

Somehow, that led me to youtube and this video of Jeremy Lin by Ryan Higa (Hawaii born and raised youtube comedy phenom) entitled "How to Get into Harvard."  Enjoy!

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