Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why Photo Albums Almost Killed Me This Week

Today I’m incredibly sleep deprived because I’ve spent about 70 hours over the past 5 days making photo albums.  Why?  Because 2 years ago I bought 5Photobook America Groupons that expired yesterday.
Yes, I bought those Groupons TWO years ago.
Two years ago yesterday, 5 days before I left for China, Groupon published a deal with Photobook America. For $25, I could get $115 worth of Photobooks.  Great deal, right?

I knew I’d want an album of our historic trip to China.  So I bought 5 Photobooks.  Hey, I was being optimistic!  After all, I had 2 years to do it.
I figured I’d make a China book, a wedding book (our photographer absconded with 1/3 of our photo album, so I’ve always wanted a new one), and some random albums because I haven’t filed photos since going digital in 2004—I’ve printed photos but they’re all sitting in a stack next to our pre-2004 photo albums.
The Groupons have weighed on my mind these past 2 years.  I knew I needed to make those albums.   I knew I’d have to learn the Photobook software that I downloaded after returning from China.
But I soon realized:  THERE’S NEVER A GOOD TIME TO MAKE PHOTO ALBUMS.  As the late and great Steven Covey might say, no matter how important photo albums may be, making them never falls into the urgent category.
Unless you’ve got 5 Groupons expiring.
So at great expense to my sleep, sanity, family relationships and even friendships, I’ve run a marathon of photo album production.
Scott and I were asked to preach at our church this past Sunday—1st time in 12 years of attending the church.  But instead of endlessly refining the sermon, I wrote it, and then went back to photobooks.
As friends have come to swim and socialize, I’ve sat next to them, computer in my lap and worked on photobooks.
I’ve neglected my children.  I’ve neglected my job.  I’ve neglected cooking.  Yesterday I started at 9 a.m. and finished the 5th photobook at 12:45 a.m.  Thank God Photobook still accepted the Groupon despite being cashed in 45 minutes late.
In the process I’ve realized several things:
  1. It’s healthier to work on photobooks than to eat, shop or imbibe for fun.
  2. Reflecting on photos taken over the years inspires thankfulness.  People are usually smiling, you see the key family events like black belt tests, vacations and holidays.  It warms my heart.  A lot more than 70 hours of TV.
  3. It’s good to force a deadline for commitments you’ll never keep on your own.  I bought the deals knowing that I’d make 5 photobooks because I’m cheap and don’t want to lose my money (same reason paying for a gym makes me exercise—won’t pay for something I won’t use)
So all in all, despite the sleeplessness and grouchiness of my kids who’re realizing there’s no food in the house (“There’s not a single leftover!” one just shouted as I write), I’m glad I did it.
In fact, I’m ready to purchase my next Groupon deal if they offer it again—maybe even for five!
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