Friday, June 17, 2011

Celebrity Crush

I think I have a little celebrity crush going.  I haven’t had a celebrity crush since 7th grade when I thought Scott Baio on Happy Days was the best looking guy on the planet. 

Although Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Robert Pattinson (Edward of  “Twilight” fame), and Justin Bieber are the male celebrities most talked about in our home, I don't feel partial to them—that would just be creepy given they all could be my sons.

Instead, my celebrity crush is almost exactly my age--Stephen Colbert. 

It all started when I read an article about him in the Northwestern Alumni magazine. I didn't know he went to Northwestern!  Not only did he go to NU, he also graduated a year before me which means we were there at the same time!  Apparently he’s a pretty decent guy and also a very committed Catholic.  He also worked in the cafeteria line at 1835 Hinman, which means he very well could have passed me my daily turkey croissant sandwich with avocado and swiss back in the day that I could eat and not gain weight.

There are 3 celebrities who I do remember from my college days—David Schwimmer of Friends fame; Brian D’Arcy James (a Broadway star about to star in a new TV show this fall); and Kelly O’Donnell the NBC reporter.  

David and Brian were in my ballet class at different times.  All theater majors had to take 2 dance classes to graduate.  They were the only men in the class, so I had an entire quarter to observe their plies and releves.  Like all theater majors, after they changed out of their leotards and tights, they wrapped thick scarves multiple times around their necks—that was the quintessential theater major look of the ‘80s.

Kelly O’Donnell was in my freshman Bible study fall quarter.  She might even remember me—in cringe-worthy ways since she probably perceived me as some strange Asian Bible-thumper who challenged her Roman Catholic beliefs.  Definitely a time I wish I could have a do-over.

Several weeks ago, Patheos, a website that touts “Balanced Views of Religion and Spirituality,” (the one for which I’ll someday write a mommy blog) wrote about Stephen Colbert on its Catholic portal.  Embedded within the article are links to all sorts of Stephen Colbert clips having to do with faith.

I spent a most enjoyable hour clicking on links and laughing out loud.

That got me going.  I can’t watch him at night because I’m usually in bed before his show airs, but I'm now watching full episodes on-line.  It just feels good to laugh. 

The kids don’t get his humor.  When they overhear his program, they say, “That’s bad!  He’s saying bad things—you shouldn’t be listening to him!”

I explain the concept of satire.  They still don’t get it. 

And when I joked with friends about my celebrity crush, a child said, “Are you going to have an affair with him?”

That’s why I’m confessing this publicly—we all know secrets can lead to bad things.  Everyone, please keep me accountable.  If Stephen Colbert ever shows up at my door--DO NOT let me have an affair with him.

Meanwhile, please excuse me.  I need to watch last night's episode. . .


susan said...

he's our household's celebrity crush too. we often huddle around a laptop watching the previous night's show :)

Ling said...

hey! i get his jokes!