Friday, July 08, 2011

Asian Aging

Folks keep asking me why I'm on the i-diet.

Look at the picture below and you'll see the answer:

I've always said that Asian women look young, look young, look young, and then all of a sudden look like chimpanzees as their faces collapse into wrinkles.

As a peri-menopausal woman, I feel the tug towards that chubby cheeked round pot of a woman and I'm trying to avoid it the best I can, hence the i-diet.

Meanwhile, true confessions. . .  I cheated.

Not on the diet, I've been doing that daily.  But I swore I couldn't buy any new clothes until I'd lost 5 lbs and maintained that loss for a week.  Well I lost 5 pounds and maintained it for 2 days--and then the Talbots Outlet sent me an email for 10% off my entire purchase.

I couldn't stand it.  Like an addict, I craved my junk.  The lure of savings and cheap clothes drew me inexorably towards Woburn and the Talbots Outlet.  When I got there, certain jeans were on sale for $7.99.  I couldn't resist, I bought 2 pairs, plus a white tank top for $9.99.

I presented my coupon and saved a grand total of $2.59.

The power of advertising, a coupon and incredibly cheap jeans lured me to cheat on my vow.   I'm confessing this to the world in atonement.

Meanwhile, I've got to re-engage with the diet.  4th of July excess means I'm no longer 5 lbs lighter.

Sigh.  I'm sliding back towards being the chubby cheeked round bodied chimpanzee.


Ling said...

well actually you did cheat on the idiet. and if you had run the four on the fourth with us then you wouldnt be 5 pounds heavier, which i am sure you're exaggerating about, since you WALKED on the fourth of july and came back insanely sweaty. by the amt of sweat produced, id say you dropped at least half the calories you ate that day. also, i didnt know you bought new clothes!
that's all.

gr8god said...

so let me see if i understand... you are thinking that if you can stay on the i-diet, you will stave off menopause and aging?

Kathy Tuan-MacLean said...

I don't think menopause can be avoided--but I'm trying to hold off that chubby pot-bellied puff haired asian grandma look as long as possible!