Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sex! Now that I've got your attention. . .

(Those were the signs advertising game booths and malasadas and Korean plate lunch plastered all over telephone poles and tents at Punahou Carnival, the largest carnival in the state of Hawaii that my school put on every year)

This morning Scott and I will be giving the “Sex Talk” at the Cana Marriage Retreat.  We gave it 2 years ago, and surprise surprise, no matter how I recruited others to give it this year, everyone politely declined. 

Since Friday, our family’s been serving at Cana—the 2 girls are serving the kids program, Kai with 1-2 year olds and Ling with 5+.  Ren’s had the privilege of being a real “kid” but because his sisters aren’t, he doesn’t see it that way. 

As always, serving has been exhausting, challenging but also incredibly rewarding—we get to see God orchestrate events, open up communication within couples, heal old hurts and resentments.  In the years I served with kids, although I loved creating a fun camp for them, the real satisfaction came in knowing I was facilitating their parents’ marriage transformations.  After all, no matter how great a camp I ran, nothing will benefit kids more than their parents having a reconciled and loving relationship. 

Curious about what we’re going to say?  You’ll just have to come to Cana yourself.

But I’ll give you the highlights:

1.     God loves it when married couples have sex
2.     Regularly
3.     Like a discipline
4.     Even if they don’t want to

In our talk, we’ll give a lot more interesting and gory details.  Want to hear them?  Come on down the next time we run Cana!  

Because the way it’s going we might be giving this talk for many more years to come.

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Mary said...

This is a wonderful service, and good tips.
James and I schedule "celebrations of our love". A young coworker of his once inquired about that when the subject came up at work. Explained that once you have kids, and maybe particularly teenagers?, scheduling time for us becomes essential.
"It's Wednesday -grin-" is a wonderful midweek highlight!