Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

First day of school, need I say more???  You all have seen the Staples commercial:

But this year, I don't feel as desperately happy as I have in past years.  Why?  Maybe because school's started a week earlier and so my work isn't yet as intense.  Or maybe I'm just mellow after a month in Hawaii.

In fact, I'm not over-the-top annoyed (as I am in other years) that school doesn't really "begin," it meanders.

Today, for example, all 3 kids had a half day.  Ren made the jump to 6th grade and middle-school, which ran from 7:45-10:45 a.m.  Kai (8th) and Ling (10th) both went from 11:15-2:15.  Tomorrow and Thursday are full days, but then Friday and Monday are off.

Give me a break!  Do we really need a 4 day weekend after 2 full days of school?

But today both girls went in early, Kai to meet a friend for breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and Ling to be a "pal" for new freshmen.  Ren went to a friend's house after school, so I had plenty of peace and quiet for my 11 a.m. phone appointment.

So maybe that's the difference.  As my kids are now middle school aged and beyond, they all have not only the capability, but are expected to walk a mile to school and back, which means they're off the leash and free to wander the town as (I hope) responsible human beings.

They don't need me to watch over every minute of their lives anymore.  I might even survive this year with almost no childcare.

Now THAT'S a reason to go dancing in the aisles!

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Ling said...

i havent seen that commercial...